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Agile Juice is a network of agilists and coaches, all passionate about effective work environments, based on Lean & Agile mindset and values. Our mission is to make organizations effective. We achieve this, most often, through Lean & Agile adoptions. We help organizations make better decisions and execute projects as well as develop self-aware individuals and build self-organizing teams. There is a lot of hands-on experience, expertise, and people skills behind our group.

Product Development

We value Product over Project. How fast you go is only important when you go in the right direction. Before diving into endless pipeline of projects, dive into the ecosystem your product operates in. Treat your product development as a series of experiments allowing you fail cheap, learn quickly and adjust the direction. Listening to customers is more important than your opinion.

Agile Transition

Agile is a state of mind. It means readiness for devoting to tight feedback loops, adaptive development and continued rework in pursuit of users needs. Agile is not achieved by introducing one method. It is also not a matter of improving teams' collaboration. Agile Transition is all about the mindset change, leadership by example and serious refactor of your company's structure.

Team Development

We have worked with great Teams. We know how thrilling it feels! We also know how to build great Teams. You want to know the secret ingredients? Sure! These are: Expert knowledge, collaborative environment, constructive conflicts, situational awareness and wide perspectives of individuals, grown in a safe environment. We offer a ready to use toolset for building great Teams.


Currency One

Radoslaw Dobrolecki, General Manager at OTOMOTO
Tomek is a great individual that I can recommend to every employee. During his time at otoMoto team he proved to be very dedicated and valuable. He knows scrum and agile by heart and know how to put theory into actions, so the whole business benefits
Miro Walker, CEO at Cognifide
... Tomek has been a joy to work with, bringing enthusiasm, passion, intelligence and dedication to his work. He combines a strong analytic mind with a genuine love of people and caring for teams with which he works ...
Alison MacKenzie, Integrated Assurance Implementation Director, Aviva Plc
Piotr, thank you for everything you have done for us over the last few months.  The communications you have produced have given me the best understanding of the progress of the iCARE work that I have had in 2.5 years, so I am very pleased!
Łukasz Olek, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Currency One SA
Piotr had huge impact on my company. He has got the complete portfolio of skills that make his daily work truly effective: from technological and methodological knowledge through coaching skills to high business awareness.


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How to assess maturity of an Agile Team?

When a Scrum Master starts her work in a company a question is usually raised on how to assess her performance or how to measure the value she adds. This is actually a question of what the product of Scrum Master’s work is. Typically it is team’s maturity that is considered a product of Scrum…

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Voting Mechanisms for Agile Teams

Development Teams operating in an agile environment benefit from having a high degree of freedom. These Teams are expected to make use of this freedom to make politics-free, high-quality decisions and offer companies unbeaten levels of value added in return. This is how companies give empowerment back to domain experts after long years of decision…

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We are passionate about Product development. We commit to Clients' needs. Our most valuable asset is several years of experience in IT delivery and a portfolio of Clients' successes.